Wrapping Ideas for Baby Shower Gifts

‍Shopping for the perfect baby shower gift can be a daunting task. It can be tricky to find something that is both useful and thoughtful. Finding the right gift that expresses your love and care for the new parents and their little bundle of joy can be even more difficult. To make your gift-giving experience easier, consider wrapping your baby shower gift in a creative way that will make the present stand out and add a special touch. There are numerous wrapping ideas to choose from, from creative packaging and ribbons to handmade gifts and decorations. You can also personalize your gift wrapping to make it even more unique. Whether you choose to go with a classic or modern look, making an effort to make your gift stand out will be sure to make the new parents feel extra special.

What is creative gift wrapping?

Creative gift wrapping is the practice of using different types of materials to wrap a gift in order to make it more interesting and appealing. There are endless ways to wrap a gift creatively, from using paper bags and tissue paper to decorative materials like fabrics, ribbons, and even food! Whichever wrapping ideas you decide on, always make sure to use clean and new materials to keep germs away from the gift. If you’re looking for creative baby shower gift ideas, you’ll want to make sure that your gift is tasteful and appropriate for the occasion. Always choose wrapping materials that are gender-neutral and not too baby-like. For example, while you may want to wrap a gift in baby blue paper, it might not be appropriate for the occasion. Pink and blue are the traditional colors associated with baby showers, so you can choose one of these colors or something completely different, as long as it is not black or orange.

Benefits of creative gift-wrapping

The biggest benefit of creative gift wrapping is the ability to personalize each gift and make the present stand out. No matter what the occasion is, everyone loves receiving a gift that is elegantly wrapped and personalized to suit their taste and needs. Wrapping your gift creatively will make the present seem more thoughtful and valuable as well, which makes it a perfect gift idea for just about any occasion. Creative gift wrapping also offers a chance to be creative, be playful, and show your individual style. You can also choose gift wrapping ideas that are appropriate for the occasion and the recipient’s interests. For example, if you’re giving a gift to a couple who is expecting a baby, you can wrap the present in blue and pink paper to match the theme of the shower.

Different wrapping ideas

- Creative packaging and ribbons: Using creative packaging and ribbons to wrap your gift is a simple but effective idea. You can wrap your gift in any type of paper, such as colourful gift wrap, gift bags, or plain kraft paper. After that, add a decorative ribbon to make the present look more appealing. There are many types of ribbons to choose from, such as satin, grosgrain, and organza. You can also add other decorative materials, such as stickers, bows, and printed papers, to give your gift wrapping a personal touch.

- Handmade gifts and decorations: If you’re planning to make your own gifts for the baby shower, you can use creative gift-wrapping to turn them into special presents. You can wrap handmade gifts in fabric or other materials to make them more appealing. You can also use decorations to wrap your gift, such as placing a pretty flower bouquet in a large mug or using a basket as a gift basket.

- Personalized wrapping: If you’d like to make your gift wrapping even more unique, consider using personalized materials to wrap your present. You can use stickers, stamps, or crafty materials to write a message or a word. You can also use stickers, such as city and landmark stickers, to personalize your gift wrapping.

Tips for wrapping baby shower gifts

- Choose the wrapping paper carefully. The wrapping paper is the first thing people see when they open your gift. Make sure it reflects the gift inside and is a good representation of your personality and taste. You may want to choose a paper that matches the theme of the baby shower or the interests of the new parents.

- Always dispose of old wrapping paper. Clean and new wrapping paper will not only help keep germs away from your gift but will also make your gift look more attractive.

- Do not use glue. Using glue to seal your gift wrapping will make it very difficult to open and may damage the paper.

- Think outside the box. You don’t always have to use a box to wrap a gift. You can use any type of container, such as a bucket, a bag, or even a large mug.

- Leave room for the gift. Make sure that the wrapping paper is big enough to fit the gift inside. You don’t want to wrap your gift and then find out that it doesn’t fit and have to start over.

DIY wrapping ideas

If you want to create a more personalized gift-wrapping look, you can try re-using materials and items you already have around the house. Here are some creative gift-wrapping ideas:

- Turn your gift into a picture frame: Gift your gift in a picture frame to create a creative and eye-catching gift wrapping. You can choose the frame and the picture accordingly. If you are giving a framed picture of the baby shower couple, you can use a picture from their wedding or another special event.

- Turn your gift into a decorative wall hanging: If you’re giving a large or heavy gift, consider turning it into a wall hanging. You can use fabric or other materials to create a wall hanging that can be hung on the wall in the baby’s nursery.

- Turn your gift into a gift card: You can wrap your gift card in a creative way to make it more interesting. You can also make a gift card holder out of paper or fabric.


Wrapping your baby shower gift creatively is the perfect way to make your gift stand out and express your creativity and personality. Not only will creative wrapping make the present look more attractive, but it will also protect it from damage. It’s important to choose the right materials and a proper wrapping technique to ensure that the gift remains in good condition. Always use clean and new materials to prevent germs from spreading and to make the gift look attractive and appealing. You can also use decorative materials, such as ribbons, bows, and stickers, to personalize your wrapping.